Big Ling: 3.9 kg Soft Jelly Breasts Figure Sex Doll Fuckable Figure
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Big Ling: 3.9 kg Soft Jelly Breasts Figure Sex Doll Fuckable Figure


Combination of masturbator and Garage Kit. The product is well-made, the same as the Garage Kit of the sexy character model, but it also has a vagina, which can be used not only as a collection of ornaments, but also as a masturbation device.

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Ling felt that her breasts were not big enough, so MRL made her breasts bigger, but due to a mistake, ling became big ling

Material:Medical Silicone
Skin Color:Natural
Product Size:13*7.48*14.9in(33*9*38cm)

Discreet Package,All adult products are packed in discreet box to protect your privacy.

Big Ling has perfect size for sex, she is bigger than normal figure sex doll that you can hold her body easier. She will fit your penis perfectly in sex, and you can feel her soft breasts whenever you want. She weighs less than a normal size torso sex doll, so she’s also very easy to clean and store.

Her chest is soft and elastic thanks to the special technology, which is close to the real feeling. The breast will naturally droop/sag when the doll stands, simulating the state of the real breast.

Her material is very real and soft, when you touch her with your hand, you will have a different experience. Her material is so healthy that you can touch it directly with your skin without worrying about damage.She has two channels for you to play with. Each channel has a different design for real stimulation when your penis is inserted.